Which surface the rug must it occupy

Ideally, in the organization of a living room, the carpet should be placed between the seats. It must be greater than the table, and large enough to pose our feet on it. For a dining room, make sure that during the recoil of the chair, the back legs are not off the rug.

How can we know if we are faced with a work of quality?

This is a relevant question to which there is no simple answer. Types of carpets are very numerous, it can sometimes be very difficult to make the comparison. We encourage you to use your powers of observation, and your critical faculties. Several criteria are involved:


  • The country of production.
  • Region producing country.
  • Rug format (square, round, rectangle or elongated).
  • The nature of the materials used (wool, cotton, silk) and their qualities, several pages would not suffice to describe them.
  • The fineness or tightening (knots per m² or density of matter).
  • The use of natural or non-natural dyes (sometimes difficult to recognize).
  • Specific artistic criteria of the rug.
  • The age of the rug.
  • The state of preservation.

Question of trust

Sinds many years of experience and customer contact, we know now that very few people are informed. Indeed, it is almost always passionate buyers. It happens very often that someone consults us after purchasing elsewhere a carpet, and after expertise determining its fair value, it appears that the price paid exceeds the actual value of overly carpet. There are also companies who sell at forced prices, which after bargaining allows the buyer to believe that he has done a great deal. It should be noted that the very good deal, it is the merchant who made it.
Beware of dubious tempting offers that popping up everywhere, especially the quick sales of the weekend, disguised as temporary exhibitions in castles, hotels, auction houses, ...
It is unthinkable that in ours developed country, persons purchase to canvassers going door to door, because prices in these conditions are especially prohibitive!
We recommend recognized establishments specializing in oriental rugs and of a certain age. These two assets are guarantee of competence and seriousness. These houses are built on trust and satisfaction of customers acquired over the years.