Traditional deep washing of carpets, kilims and tapestries.

All residues of dust, sand and small pebbles that have crept to the base of the knots of the rugs cannot be sucked in completely and gradually cut like glass, cutting the knots and chain threads by abrasion. 

In order to avoid this premature wear of your carpet, it is imperative to subject it to a deep treatment recommended every 3 to 5 years, depending on the use of the mat and where it is placed.

We provide traditional washing, so you can entrust us with your carpet. Home pick-up and delivery service anywhere in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: do not hesitate to contact us for any questions on this subject.

A traditional wash consists of:

  • Carefully beat the carpet once to remove as much dust as possible. To avoid damaging the weft of the carpet, this consists of putting the carpet, pile side down (upside down), on a vibrating mesh table for 20 minutes in order to eliminate as much dust as possible between each row of knots.

  • Open circuit water pre-wash to prevent dye drips from forming during washing.
  • Always open circuit, wash the carpet completely with soapy water added with an anti-moth product to impregnate it in depth and throughout its structure.

  • Rinse the carpet thoroughly several times to remove the last residues.

  • Roll up the carpet with a filter on a suitable cylinder to capture any small bleeding during a long spin.

  • Brush the mat in the direction of the pile for fitness.

  • Dry the carpet in a hot air tunnel.

  • Beat the rug one last time.

  • Even out the tips of the fringes if necessary.


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Our Rug Cleaning Process

1. Pre-Inspection

Our rug experts will perform an area rug assessment to identify the condition and type of fabric in order to determine the best cleaning process for optimal results.

2. Vacuum & Dusting

The second and extremely important step is preparing the rug for deep cleaning by vacuuming and dusting the upper and bottom of the rug multiple times to remove the soil and debris. It can be surprising how much soil can be removed in this stage.

3. Pre-Conditioning

The fibers of the rug are pre-conditioned with Natural cleaning agents and agitated to release soil.

4. Odor and Stain Treatment

We perform special treatment that is needed in most cases such as pet odor, stain removal, moth killing, and more.

5. Soaking (Rug bath)

In many cases, when the rug is heavily soiled or contains pet urine, we soak the rug in a rug bath with special materials that will assist us in reaching the results you are looking for.

6. Handwashing

The rug is then carefully handwashed up to 4 times in our washing station. Upon completing this step, we use our proprietary equipment to extract as much water as possible for maximum results and faster drying time.

7. Drying

Drying the rug is taking place after handwashing the rugs. Some rugs are hanging to dry and some rugs are laid flat to prevent deformation of the rugs.

8. Final Inspection

The rug will go through a final inspection to make sure it’s fully ready to be delivered. We will brush the rug and fringes, apply fiber protection if requested by the customer in order to provide future protection against spills and dirt. The rug is rolled and delivered back to your home.


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Note: We automatically apply a treatment against moths!