Kelim Old Fine

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Persian Kelim Old are often oblong, and were originally used in tents by the nomads. Kelim rugs are often placed on top of other rugs as insulation. The rugs are more than 50 years old, sometimes more than 80 years. The nomads knot or weave the rugs they need themselves, and use them for many different purposes, such as saddlebags for camels and donkeys, but they are mostly used for motorbikes, storing clothes, for sitting on, and as sleeping blankets.
Ref: 1254074
Country of origin: Persia
Dimensions: 365 x 263 9.6 m²
Manufacturing: Woven by hand
Pile: Mix of wool and goathair
Warp: Cotton
Condition: In very good condition
Age: 50-100 years old
Shape: rectangular
Color: Beige,Black,Red

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